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About Us


Here at HBC floor sanding, we have extensive knowledge in sanding and refinishing wood floors from pine floors to herringbone. Sanding floors is not like most trades. For example, if you make a mistake with the sanding or finishing, it's not as easy to correct as other trades, such as a plasterer. A plasterer can do patch repairs and simply decorate over. This is not the case for floor sanding, and you need to get it right the first time. We have years of experience sanding and refinishing floors all over the country and take pride in providing our clients with the best finish that is possible with the floor they have, whether it’s a full repair job with sanding and finishing or just a simple freshen up and re-coat of a fairly new floor leaving the property as tidy as it was when we started. We have the best kit to extract the dust from all of our machines.




Whether it's missing blocks, loose boards, or stain-damaged boards from pet urine or other nasty chemicals, we can source reclaimed or new wood to lace or fit into current floors and always manage to get a perfect match.


Sanding pine floors

A large portion of our work tends to be sanding and refinishing pine floor boards, as these can be found in almost every property. With most pine floors, there are creaky boards that need the nails punched. Once we have sunk all the nails and removed any nasty staples, we can start sanding to remove years of dirt carpet glue, and often, bitumen pine floors have an instant colour change leaving customers shocked at what was hidden under their carpets. We have some examples in the gallery.


Sanding parquet floors

Similar to pine boards, parquet can often be found beneath carpet vinyl and other floorings. Often customers have no clue what wood their parquet floor is, and the same goes for us until we've done the first cut on the belt sander to reveal what wood is underneath. We often stumble across pitch pine, oak, sapele, and some rarer dark African woods as parquet can be laid in herringbone finger block or many other patterns. Sometimes people are confused with sanding methods as you may cut against the grain and take more wood out of certain blocks. Thanks to our years of experience and latest machinery. We always leave floors flatter and smoother than when they were laid. We also mass fill parquet floors with the dust from the sanding process. We mix with a resin that gets trolled into the whole floor and filling all gaps and old carpet gripper nail holes.


Engineered floors

Engineered floors are typically oak and tend to go very yellow from sun UV damage. We find customers calling us at about the ten-year mark to have them sanded and refinished. With the new products on the market, we can offer different sheens and colours. Often, engineered floors are factory or oil finished and tend to wear fairly easily and change colour, something our finishes protect against.


Kitchen worktops

After sanding a customer's floor, they often say the worktops look dated and worn or are just not sure what products to use or the methods of sanding. Luckily, our smaller hand tools work perfectly on worktops, and we can also apply food-safe products to worktops.



Often, customers want to completely change the colour of their floor. We have a wide colour choice of penetrating floor stains that we can apply to the floor during the sanding process and leave overnight for you to decide which colour you would like to go with. Once you have decided, we then apply a stain colour and a lacquer with the sheen of your choice.