Floor Board Restoration

Floorboard restoration helps cure your wooden floor and enhance its natural beauty or appeal.


Sometimes, all a wooden floor needs in order to be returned to good condition is a bit of floorboard restoration. Replacing an entire floor is costly and time-consuming. All that’s required is that you call a professional for a complete survey and assessment of your wooden floors.

Wooden floors are a wonderful addition to any space, both residential and commercial, or outdoors. A wooden floor adds value to a property, is resistant, and can be adapted to suit any kind of environment or design idea. So if you’re looking to redesign, restore, flip, or modernize a space, we are the professionals you need for your floors.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Maintenance, restoration, and upkeep take hardwood floors to the next level. A hardwood floor is an exquisite addition to any home. These types of floors look elegant, are beautiful and durable, so they’re also a good investment. But like most furnishings in a house, they can suffer damage from furniture and appliances, wear and tear especially in highly circulated areas, scratches, or staining.


Even hardwood floors can become disjointed, present gaps or become crooked for one reason or another. With the help of professionals, these can be repaired or replaced. Whether you’re flipping a home or just looking to renovate your home, we can help with all your hardwood floor Refinishing needs. We use innovative systems and techniques, and can restore and renovate any type of hardwood floor, that lead to perfect fastening, filling, refinishing and sanding.


Staircase Restoration

Wooden staircases and banisters suffer some of the worst wear and tear in a home or commercial building, because they see a lot of traffic. They get scratched, torn, stained, loose at the joints, or crooked. In some cases, it’s a simple job of restoration by a professional; in others, partial or total replacement might be necessary.


Either way, wood staircases are high risk areas if they’re not carefully maintained and cared for. They need regular check-ups by professionals, as well as maintenance. Whether you need the restoration or assessment of damage for a staircase or banister, we are at your service.

Parquet Floor Restoration

Parquet means small compartments in French. These are either mosaic or wooden pieces used for floor covering. Parquet floor sanding has various symmetrical or angular arrangements, comprising of triangles, squares, and curves. Parquet floors are typically used in bedrooms or lobbies as an alternative of floor tiles because they are deliberated as a better choice when it comes to flooring.


We are Professionals! We at HBC Floor Sanding offer professional and top quality parquet floor sanding service to those who are interested or considering such flooring to use in their homes or commercial structures. Parquet floors looks elegant, classy, and lasts for years if dealt with care. It is considerably better than floor tiles since it enriches and adds warmth and comfort to the room.