Parquet Floor Restoration

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet means small compartments in French. These are either mosaic or wooden pieces used for floor covering. Parquet floor sanding has various symmetrical or angular arrangements, comprising of triangles, squares, and curves. Parquet floors are typically used in bedrooms or lobbies as an alternative of floor tiles because they are deliberated as a better choice when it comes to flooring.

We are Professionals!

We at HBC Floor Sanding offer professional and top quality parquet floor sanding service to those who are interested or considering such flooring to use in their homes or commercial structures. Parquet floors looks elegant, classy, and lasts for years if dealt with care. It is considerably better than floor tiles since it enriches and adds warmth and comfort to the room.

Our Parquet Floor Sanding Services


Our services are not only limited t parquet floors. We also deal with wooden floors. We offer services like crack filling, smoothing & polishing, and sealing of the floor. It is possible for parquet floor sanding to get out of shape, which is not a problem at all. Simply substituting a piece can entirely alter the look of floor and become appealing again. To mend the parquet floors, there are a view things needed to bring back the beauty of floor to the best. Therefore, we are here at your service if your parquet floor needs repairing or replacement.


Here are some more services that we offer: floor sanding and buffing, polishing and hard waxing, finishes and refinishing, sealing and staining, floor repairs, floorboard sanding and laying, and restorations and renovations, etc.