Hardwood Floor Restoration

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Restoration.


Maintenance, restoration, and upkeep take hardwood floors to the next level. A hardwood floor is an exquisite addition to any home. These types of floors look elegant, are beautiful and durable, so they’re also a good investment.

But like most furnishings in a house, they can suffer damage from furniture and appliances, wear and tear especially in highly circulated areas, scratches, or staining.

Even hardwood floors can become disjointed, present gaps or become crooked for one reason or another. With the help of professionals, these can be repaired or replaced. Whether you’re flipping a home or just looking to renovate your home, we can help with all your hardwood floor Refinishing needs.

We use innovative systems and techniques, and can restore and renovate any type of hardwood floor, that lead to perfect fastening, filling, refinishing and sanding.

We also offer proper assessment of the levels of damage to a floor and advise on the best and most efficient solutions, while providing you with information on all your options.

Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor Refinishing means to sand down the topmost coating of the surface and put on a new layer of stain and varnish over the wood. It gives a chance to make the old and spoiled hardwood floor look first-hand again with a new luster after refining. The only gears required to refinish the hardwood floor are pigment, drum sander, and polish that are not pricey at all. Instead of renewing the complete floor, one should deliberate hardwood floor refinishing to save cash and time.

These type of floors are durable and always in fashion, so it is always the paramount choice for investment when it comes to deciding on flooring options. The hardwood floor looks elegant.

How is Hardwood Floor Affected?

Like every type of flooring, hardwood floors also undergo from slightest to foremost damage if not taken care. There are probabilities of scratches and stains due to friction instigated from moving furniture or other utilities. Likewise, it also becomes disorganized or have gaps in between the planks or become crooked. Dark shaded spots can occur because of water spills, ink marks, and even pet’s mess. That is why, hardwood floor refinishing is essential for the floor to last longer.