Floor Board Restoration

Floorboard restoration helps cure your wooden floor and enhance its natural beauty or appeal.


Sometimes, all a wooden floor needs in order to be returned to good condition is a bit of floorboard restoration. Replacing an entire floor is costly and time-consuming. All that’s required is that you call a professional for a complete survey and assessment of your wooden floors.


Wooden floors are a wonderful addition to any space, both residential and commercial, or outdoors. A wooden floor adds value to a property, is resistant, and can be adapted to suit any kind of environment or design idea. So if you’re looking to redesign, restore, flip, or modernize a space, we are the professionals you need for your floors.


Wood can suffer damage such as scratches, stains, grooves, curves, shifting due to poor maturation or improper set-up and sealing, and so on. Our professionals are fully experienced and equipped to deal with all types of damage, including replacement of entire floorboards.

We provide repair and restoration to parquet boards, strip floors, woodblocks, and other types of wooden flooring. Here are some of the services we offer:


  • Free of charge on-site inspection and assessment

  • Sanding and polishing

  • Stain and scratch removal

  • Gap filling

  • Replacement and assistance in choosing color, texture and pattern-matching boards

  • Fitting

  • Staining

  • Hard waxing, Oiling and Sealing


We use a wide range of eco-friendly and natural staining pigments, varnishes, polishes and paints, from natural colors to vibrant colors. Our clients can choose from a variety of paints:


  • Oil-based

  • Acrylic latex

  • Latex

  • Outdoor paints

.. and a variety of epoxy:

  • Water-based

  • Solvent-based

  • Two-part epoxy